Topic C Science in Society
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Goal: Discover various science disciplines and their contributions to society.
[standards: NS.5-12.5, NS.5-12.7, NL-ENG.K-12.8]
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First some myths about science are dispelled.  Then types of Scientists and some of their recent discoveries are discussed.  Those fields with the highest employment opportunity projections are introduced including Biological, Medical, Environmental, Market-Survey, and Psychology fields.  Opportunities are given for class discussion and individual presentations regarding famous scientists and their discoveries.

Representative pictures have been provided for each branch of science to inspire class discussions.  Additionally, a timeline of significant achievements in the modern scientific revolution is given.  However, it is generally up to the teacher and the class to research the suggested Internet links and identify information that will engage the class in discussions.

Teacher Preparation
  1. Prepare images or video to exibit a select group of scientific disciplines.
  2. Define various research topics relating to science and its impact on society.
  3. Prepare images and timeline to exibit various scientific discoveries.
Classroom Activities
Begin class with dramatic (and hopefully inspiring) images that relate to various branches of science.  Use the images to direct class discussion about the role that each scientist has in society.  Use timeline of discoveries to direct class discussion about the impact that science has had on society.  Allow students to individually research various related topics and then present their findings to the class.

C.1 Overview of Science
  • Define science and distinguish different types of scientists
  • Recognize some fundamentally different classifications of science
  • Comprehend some foundational truths about science
  • Comprehend the scope of ongoing scientific research

Individuals share preconceptions about scientists.
Engage students with teacher presentation.

C.2 Independent Research
  • Comprehend the role of science in society

Individual research online or in the library.
C.3 Opportunities in Science
  • Recognize top science career opportunities
  • Recognize specific roles that various scientific disciplines play in society

Individually read about various science disciplines.
Engage students with teacher presentation.
C.4 Scientific Timeline
  • Distinguish Aristotelian Science from Modern Science
  • Recognize significant scientific discoveries and comprehend their impact on society

Engage students with teacher presentation.
C.5 Student Presentations
  • Practice public speaking
  • Evaluate content and fluency of a presentation

Individuals make presentations while peers evaluate the content and fluency.
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Student Resources
C-science careers -life (pdf)
C-science careers -physical (pdf)
C-science careers -social (pdf)
C-science careers - market research (html)

Supplemental reading materials (printable or web linked)
Practice and Assessment Templates
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